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In 2009, MAWU launched MUD (movement un-defined) as part of their education and community building initiative. MUD is a freestyle dance session open to all music lovers and dancers who love to get down to deep, funky, soulful house music. Our purpose is to build, share, connect, educate, explore and to dig a little deeper...

Shout out to all the dancers and DJs that have come through since we first started MUD-NYC in 2009 and MUD-Oslo in 2015. These sessions are our way of keeping the NYC house culture alive. Whether you want to practice your waacking, breaking, popping, house, or release some tension, or just roll around on the floor... all are welcome in our house!

Most recently we held a special edition of MUD, in collaboration with House Head Session to celebrate MAWU's 10-year anniversary.  Stay tuned for the return of MUD in 2020!


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